Monday, April 27, 2015

Emma's Birthday Doll

Hello all!

For Emma's Birthday I made  her a stuffed doll. I though she would really love it. I even took her with me to pick out the fat quarter for the dress part. 
Since I was sick for the last god knows how long after our really nice vacation to Florida. I did not feel like taking five million pictures and doing the tutorial and that on how I made the doll. So I just recently took some after pictures of it and with Emma with it.
I think it's adorable. It is already starting to look a little warn and that because it already had to go through the wash. In hindsight,I should of gotten all the lint off before I took the pictures. Oh, well, at least Emma likes it!

I just realized something, I didn't take any pictures of the back of it. Hmmmm, Oh well. just imagine what it looks like lol


hmmm, I could straightened out he bows too....Oh well

 Of course it wouldn't be and Ashleigh project with out a few flaws.

Stitches popped after I got her all put together.

 She such a little ham!

 Oh look the back of it's head.... Well you can see that at least lol. 

So that's it. I also for to mention that i drew out the pattern my self ( let me know if you guys would like a  free printable for this. I'll see what I can do. If  you do ) and it's a combination of machine sewing and hand sewing. It was a lot of, of, well it was some work I'll say that. when it cames to being really close to being done I was super excited.

 I hope you like this. I know Emma does. Hopefully soon I'll get back on the tutorial band wagon. I have ideas. I just got to work on them!

As always,

Have a wonderful day!


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