Monday, May 20, 2013

DIY Wallet (An almost fail)

Hello,hello,hello! Its been a weird few weeks here for me. It took me so long to put up this tutorial because I just couldn't make my self sit down and do it. I would have all these excuses I would make to my self about not coming to my computer and just doing it and getting it over with.
Yes, I did go ahead and go put Lex's Wallet on some link parties  I like to go to but I just couldn't finish this tutorial. Partly 'cause I wasn't happy with the out come and  partly.... Lets just face it, I get lazy and don't want to do anymore things then I have to at once. I now know what to do to fix the problem with what I didn't like about it. 
2 things I didn't like:
1. The fabric choices I made.  I thought it would be cute when I was finished... it looks alright but the colors are all wrong. 
2. The lining. I found out the hard way (and me being stupid and in a hurry) NOT to use batting as a lining. I t was flimsy and crapy. Would have turned out sturdier  if I used Pellon 809 Decor bond liked I did in Lex's wallet.
 Also I'm mad at my self for just being plain-o-dumb for not remembering exactly how I did things and took me longer then should have to make this.......

Anyway, this is a fairly simple tutorial and can be whipped up in a hour or two provided you have all the items.
And pleased don't be discouraged by my choice in fabric to make your own this can turn out Super cute!

What you'll need: 

  • two COORDINATING fat quarter of material. I got mine out of the pre-cut section at walmart. Each a dollar. 
  • matching thread (I used white)
  • scissors or rotary cutter and cutting mat
  • 7 in zipper ( make sure its the one with the plastic teeth so it won't mess up your machine
  • Sewing machine 
  • Velcro  2 inch strip
  • ruler
  • credit/shoppers card for measuring the pockets
  • Iron ( optional) it will help with the making the card pocket.

Let's get started.

Lay out your fat quarters.

Cut to 11x9

Yeah its a little uneven. Sometimes the rotary cutter and I don't get along. :-)

Now cut the same size out for your lining.

Now is the time to iron or  cut out on your firm lining ( not shown here)

Cut out another 11 x 9 of the material you would like to use for the card pocket.
Fold your first fold will be one inch. After that your folds will be two inches. Use your cards help measure it out.

On the top fold another little fold of 1/4 inch this where be where you attach it to the inside of the wallet.

Sew up the middle secure it in place.

I forgot to measure how far down I started the zipper pocket and i just guesstimated how far down by folding the material over like I wanted it to close.
Cut out two pieces 8 x 41/2 
Place right sides together pin in place

   Measure out how big you want your zipper.  Draw it out on the wrong side .Making a rectangle. Inside the box make a line down the middle and then triangles on the ends.

Sew on the line all the way around. Hard to see here sorry.
 Cut down the center line to the tip each triangle then cut the little triangle. Do Not cut into your stitches.
Now pull your material to the other side. 

Iron flat.

 Pin and sew on your zipper using a Zipper foot.

Make sure you go back and fourth over the Zipper to make sure it stays put!

Cut off the extra.
Place your other 8 x 4 1/2 inch piece right side to right side and  sew all the way around. I used a zigzag stitch just off the edge to help the edges from fraying. And then a straight stitch for extra hold.

Now line up 2 inches below your zipper and sew on the 1/4 inch part that you folded before. Make sure you Move your pocket out of the way.

Now fold that up and sew in place. Fold the bottom edge under and top stitch.

 If you want a wrist strap cut  a piece 2 1/2 inch by 12. Fold in half  long ways with right sides together and  sew the edges together leaving the ends open for turning. Turn right sides out and there you go. I didn't take pictures of this step. sorry.
Fold the strap in half again and place it in the middle of  wallet with end sticking out of edge you would like to place it. <<<< Do this when placing right sides together.
If you look closely you can see my strap in the middle of the wallet.  
Sew a 1/4-1/2 seam allowance  I added curves to mine ( not shown here.) Remember to leave an opening to turning.
Please ignore the batting.

 Turn and top stitch the way around the edge. Then place your Velcro. One on the inside top. One on the back side bottom.

Put money cards and all in where you want and there you go.
I did a bow to cover the front stitching from where I put the Velcro.

Over all its okay. The two things I do love about it is the bow and the red zip. I love it with the black and white polka dots.  

Okay so this one here is my least favorite tutorials ever. But I also know my fail will also help someone else out. I hope. But on the Note of failure I did go back and revamp it and made a completely new one! Next Time I will do a post on things I've been working on that don't have a tutorial plus some cute pictures of the kids!

Well hope you enjoyed my tutorial.

As always,




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