Thursday, January 16, 2014

This to that! 2!!

Yep, that's right another THIS to THAT! I like the first one so much I did another. Granted its not a dramatic change But at least it's a change! Hahaha
 This is my first tutorial of 2014!
Even though I should have done this tutorial a looooooong, long, time ago I didn't. But that's okay, 'cause one of my new years resolutions is to stop procrastinating..... So far its eh for me, but I'm trying so that's all that matters right? Right? Well I hope so. HAHAHA
Anywhoo, This  THIS to THAT like I said isn't dramatic but a much needed change you'll see below.  It was super easy but I just took my time getting around to doing it. I actually did this tutorial  in, I think , early October.... Eh, not sure it might have even been November.  About the time it just started to get cold here.
See long time.


What you'll need:
  • 1 sweat shirt that's waaay too large
  • 1 swear shirt that fits
  • sewing machine ( with stretch or zig zag stitch)
  • coordinating thread
  • scissors
  • pins
  • tape measure/ ruler
As you can see in the above picture  sweat shirt is quite large I've had it for many years now. I believe I got it from my grandmother. Well, long story short when I was at my heaviest this woudn't even fit me. Blah..... But now that I'm slowly but surly working on my weight and health, I'm proud to say It looks like crap on me! .... Before I fixed it that is.

See Crap! YAY

  Turn inside out and lay your sweater/sweat shirt that fits you  on top. Line it up as best as you can. I opted not to lower the neck line.
 tip: I measured my shoulders out from the base of my neck to the end of my shoulder. Mine are 4 inches.... Is that small?
 I don' know... 
   I added 2 inches on my sides because the sweater I used already fit I little snuggle and  I wanted  some wiggle room in this one. In the end I'm glad I did  because if I hadn't I don't think I would of been able to breath! hahahah    Live and Learn.
 Now like I said I added extra if your shirt you are using is already  tight I would defiantly add more because you can always go smaller but not so much  the other way. :-)

Draw a line( I used chalk)  from the bottom to the arm pit area. 
Note: I did make mine look like a tee shirt shape when I cut it out only because at this point I hadn't measured my shoulders yet.
 Now fold in half and cut the other side. Make sure you fold it in half so it all lines up nice I use the neck line to be sure it was nice and even as I could get it.
I now no measured and marked out how I want the  arm holes pretty simple. All you do is like I said my shoulders are 4 inches.  I took my measuring tape and  measured from the neck line out  4 1/2 inches for seam allowance  I did this while it was still folded in half and cut it all at once.

I forgot to take a picture of the sleeves.  For some reason in my head I thought I couldn't ues the sweater I was using the make my sleeves smaller because in my head it was a base ball tee shape, blah blah blah it wouldn't work I thought..... I know doesn't make any sense but at the time in my head it made plenty. So I did the most logical thing I could think of at the time.  put the sleeve on and lay in the floor and draw out the shape of my arm....
 Don't, Don't DON'T! I repeat DON'T do that. While it work out for the most part, One: It was hard to do  and  two: I kept having to make adjustments because of the line not being straight or right..... just don't do that learn from my mistakes. That's what I'm here for right? right!
  Again just use your sleeve for the sleeves  put it on top add inches if you have to and always trace inside out.

 Like the  picture says Pin and sew.  Line it up  best as you can. I did  it this way because it  was just easier at the time to do. Do this to both sides.
 I have a stretch stitch on my machine. But a zig zag works great, too.
 Yeah... so  I was sewing along and the bobbin got caught and wasn't moving but I didn't  get what was going on. I thought it just didn't like sewing  this type of material. Long story short if your machine is making noises stop and fix it. I was lucky enough not to break it. yeah not smart I know.... still learning  somethings....
 Once you  got both sleeves in place fold over line the ends of the sleeves up and the bottom of  you sweater up. Pin and sew! Mind you do it inside out. I didn't take a picture of this part that's why there is  the lovely lines on the picture above

Yeah I just threw down to take a quick picture 'cause I couldn't wait to  try it on that's why there's scraps in the picture. Let me tell you I did a happy dance in my living room hahahahaha

Terrible photo of me But hey I was happy!

Well that's all if you have any questions  just ask! 

Have a wonderful day!


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