Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Omgoodness! It's almost Halloween!

Just like the title says! Oh My Goodness! It's almost Halloween and I haven't put up one tutorial!  My time has just slipped away from me. I didn't even get anything decorated in the house until...... what was it, last weekend. The 19th. My oh my!  Well, a lot of you (our family) already know what has been going on here so I won't go through all the details on that. But for those that don't know I'll say this. Please! Please! Please, make sure you take extra good care of you and your family! Eating right is a good place to start!
My month has involved to many trips to the doctor's and hospitals. More than I wish to count.

But enough of alllllll that crap I would like to move on to what I have been working on. No tutorial here but, lovely, lovely pictures of my stuff I've made and decorated.
Okay, well, they may not be pretty pictures. Because I don't have a lot of natural light in my house to take pictures with. I do my best and use what I have. 

This here is my front door. (duh) Simple  but I like it. 
Here's my counter that divides the living room and kitchen up. The bat "garland" I made using my Cricut.
 Spooky Modem hahahaha.

Please do forgive the mess. And the photo bomber. hahaha :-)
and I took the before I added the spiderwebs. 
See the lantern with the spider web design on it. I made that also using my Cricut and the free cut of the week. ( I LOVE free) 

Love this candle I got it free from Bath and body works! Wooo!
I put it together at my computer desk so that's why the key boards in the way. I think if they have any good thanksgiving cuts coming up I'll do a tutorial with that and make another on but thanksgiving themed. For all the Cricut users out there.

This was fairly simple to make. My sister got me these place mats a few years back and  they are the kind that you just wipe down ( not the hard plastic) and my dad gave me some instillation stuff from his work. Looks like bubble wrap covered in silver wrapping paper.  I thought this would make a great little lunch bag. But let me tell you LITLLE is the key work there. It will fit a sandwich and chips, I'm sure, in a plastic bag just fine but the containers I would normally use for a lunch box is just too big. So while this would work its small....Oops on my part but I love the look and idea of it. 

Now I'm showing the costumes early but there are no models for them yet. I will take pictures and put them up on or after Halloween of then in their costumes.
 I was looking around for ideas to make Lex a cute and cheap costume and I came across this site , eat.sleep.MAKE.  And she had made her little boy this and I showed it to Lex and asked if he would like to be a dragon he said "YEAH!" Really loudly. I was able to find the felt  at Hobby Lobby. So his whole costume cost us $5! How awesome is that! Well, wait I did get face paint for him that was 2. But still, a whole $7! Make's me happy happy!
I did mess up a little bit on the back but I don't think its that noticeable unless you just sit there and stair at it...... which I did and gave up that I couldn't fix it. But in the end Lex is still very happy with it. 

This was just me drawing it out.
 Me drawing and cutting out her ears.

Emma's cost me nothing. I already had the black material for the tail. I was lucky enough to have just enough black felt left in my stash. And I always  have enough ( or try to ) poly fill on hand. And My sister, bought the skirt and shirt a while back for her and I thought it would be perfect. 
But I can't decided on the shoes yet.
The boots?
Or the Glittery Mary-Janes?
Please let me know what you think!

Well that's it. At least there's an update! Wish I had an awesome tutorial to share.  Sorry about that.

                                Have A Wonderful Day!



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