Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Harry Potter Inspired Shoes!


Oh, wait you didn't know..... Ahem, let me explain. In 2 WEEKS! 
Sorry, I'm yelling again aren't I, let me whisper.  
In 2 weeks we are going to Universal Studio's in Orlando! I'm sooooooo excited!
That better? I whispered at you. :)

 Anywhoodle, we are going there and in getting prepared to go I decided I needed some Harry potter decorated shoes. Really, really,really, needed them. I looked up tons of pictures and became obsessed with the idea. So, I made some.

If you don't already know I'm a HUGE Harry Potter fan. Like, BIIIIIIIIIIIG Fan. These are the books that really got me into reading. 

I grew up reading these books. If it wasn't for my mother ( Thank you by the way :D )getting me to read them I would just be..... I don't know. Not Me. Well, I would be me. I'll always be me, but I would be a different and much more boring version of me I suppose. That's what I like to think at least. 

Okay so moving on to what you are actually here for! 


Yes, these shoes are a bit dirty, but that's 'cause they are old and even hand-me downs. lol Well, if you could still call it that. My sister gave them me because they hurt her feet. And this is after years of me wearing them. So, yeah, they are dirty. But I'm not going to draw on brand new shoes. Just not going to do it. Unless, I get those 5 dollar one's from Walmart just for that purpose then that's a different story.

I got lost, what were we talking about? 

Oh, right, Shoes!

So! What do you think? 

They may be simple but I like them. I didn't want overly done shoes that wasn't going to match anything I would wear with them. ( Yes I'm weird, but we already established that, hahaha )

I also made a video of them You can watch that down below. 
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I really hope you like this. That's probably going to be it for a while as I have things I have to do to get ready to go. So in the mean time I hope you guys

Have a wonderful day!

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