Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Haul! Jan 2015 ( Jo-Anns, Target, And BestBUY)

This is just a quick post to let you all know I just posted a new Haul video! It's not from this last weekend but the week end before. ALSO, you HAVE to see what I got from BestBUY! It's so cool!

EVERY THING WAS A PENNY(each)!  Well, the things I picked up! I really have been wanting to go to the one here in my town to see if they have the same thing going on but I haven't had the time. So definitely watch until the end to see what I got there.

 There are not much craft things in this haul. But that's because I didn't need much this time. I still have  a lot of craft stuff I need to use and go through. So I'm trying my hardest not to just go buy things that I don't need. Unless I know I'm going to use it for a specific project and not just put it on the side and just be like " Oh, I'll do that later."

 I'm trying really, really, really, hard not to do that...

With that said! LOOK AT WHAT I GOT ! hahahaha

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