Friday, July 12, 2013

Mid America and Fourth of July

Hello, hello, hello! This is just a picture post from when we went to Mid America and what we did for the fourth of July.Enjoy!

Mid America

This is where you see how much you weigh on earth -the one Lex is standing on-and how much you weight on the sun. That's the one Am is standing on.

This thing made noise. I think it was supposed to teach you about  radio waves or something. I don't remember. Anyway, Emma loved it!

This picture cracks me up

He didn't actually drink out of it. It was one of things what if our water fountains where like this could you dink out of it.

HAHA that face!

             This was cool and has been there since I was little... Well most the things have but anyway , it's  done with mirrors -I think- and you can't actually touch it. Spoiler!

This is a shadow box. Pretty neat. Before.


 Not the best picture of me but its the only one I had. There's the Proof . HAHAHA

                                  My favorite one. 

The kids where both scared that's why Lex looks like he does in the pictures. Poor kids get it form there mom. But I think I finally grew up in that area. Not so scared/ bothered by them now.

 Ahem, thanks Mom. ;-)

Our 4th of July.
Even though we didn't celebrate it ON the 4th of July we still had a blast. We went to the Fireworks show, or Spa Blast, at Oaklawn park on the 3rd of July. It was Am, my Dad, Brittany, and the kids.Oh and me.
Then on the Saturday ,after the 4th, we went out to the shoe factory and shot of some stuff Beecee and Pops bought. (that's my sister and my Dad)

The 3rd

 "First I scream..."
 "And Scream.."

"Now I kiss the flag!"

" And scream some more!"
This was the face he made right after he got out of the bounce house. The lines where so long, so this was the only one we did and that's 'cause his mommy didn't want to stand in line on a slight incline 'cause her knee hurt. Poor kid. But then he settled on a snow cone Pops bought for him. :-D

 I put the flag in her hair. haha


All such silly people. The last one is Am.

The few good shots of fireworks I have

The 6th ( our 4th)

We saw these out side of Bed Bath and Beyond so cute had to take a pic!

While waiting on every one to show up we entertained the kids with bubbles. It's a bubble machine Mae ( Am's Mom) got Lex. For some reason it got left in the back of the car when we were moving.

Uncle Kyle trying to light a box on fire. Hahaha But not in a " Hey Ya'll watch this!" way. 

 Sparkler fun! 

I'm not sure what he was asking here..... 

Mimi and Emma chillin'

Okay, well that's all. There's not a whole lot from Saturday 'cause I was  setting off and running like a fool. So I didn't stop to take a lot of pictures. These where mostly towards the beginning of our night.

Hope you guys enjoyed!

                                      Have a wonderful day!

Oh and I want to also say thanks to  The Stitchin' Mommy! For Featuring me!!!!


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