Friday, July 26, 2013

Christmas in July DIY


Ha just pulling your leg! I've been looking around at a lot of other blogs lately and I keep seeing Christmas in July sales, diy's and etc... and I'm thinking "OOOO! I wanna play along!" So earlier this week I dug and dug and dug for my Christmas stuff  that is stashed away in my closet. Yes, I mean dug because it was in the bottom tote I have stacked in my closet and they are not light either...shoo. PLUS boxes stacked on top of that. I made a mess ,but I finally found what I was looking for. I was a good girl and put it all back.... at the bottom. Oh how that was stupid since most of that we won't go through AND Christmas is 6 months away. Oh well, I'll make Allan get it out next time. hehehe

I would like to apologize in advance 'cause these pictures I took aren't all that great and I couldn't figure it out and couldn't figure it out why they kept coming out so blurry/ hazy. I thought maybe it was the glitter reflecting back. So I just kept going taking picture's until it dawned on me, the last time it did this was when I had a finger print on my lense of my camera. So, I turned it over and sure enough there was a big ol' smudge!

 This DIY is supposed to be a tree out of Christmas ornaments. It didn't turn out exactly like I wanted it but it'll do. :-D

Oh and I'm sure you can do this with any sized pot and ornaments just as long as they are not too large for your base.

What you'll need:
  •  17 ornaments ( balls) any color, small ( not like the desk sized tree ornaments. unless you get a little pot that tiny)
  • 1 ceramic pot ( not sure the size) I used the smallest I think.
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
 These ornaments we got at big lots for $4 Last year.

I think you can get this size of pot for 89 cents at Micheals.

 Now put a dab of hot glue on the "neck" part of the Ornament and hold it in place on the rim of the pot until it won't move. Do the same to the the rest of the 6. Should be a total of seven on the bottom.

Now up a small amount of glue on all the loop parts of the ornaments then place one in the center.

Like so. Put the loop  part down.

Now put a glob of hot glue on the center of that using. Now arrange five ornaments on the second layer.

After that put three more on the third layer loops sides down towards the middle. I didn't take a picture of this 'cause I kept messing it up and then I finally got it how I wanted it and forgot to take the pictures as I did it.Oops. That's pretty much it. Just put your last ball on top how ever you want it and there you go. Mine kinds of looks like a bush to me.... but that's okay I like it!
 You can miss match the colors. Do however you want to do it! 

Hope you guy's like it! I sure enjoyed making it! Well, minus all the glitter that was every where. But I took my vacuum to my table and cleaned pretty much all of it up! I Like glitter. Just not on me. hahaha.

As always,

 Have a wonderful day!


I didn't want my mug in the picture. hahaha!


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