Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sew it up Pillow Cover!

Hi there! Another post this time a tutorial as promised. Even though I told you I would put this up this week I didn't think I would get to actually put it up because Emma ended up sick. She seems to be doing better today which is good. She was up playing and ate some so that makes me happy. 

The doctor thinks she caught the stomach bug that has been going around here and this will be her second time getting it. But it seems to be going by quickly or at least for her.Last time she was sick for two weeks and we all ended up sick. fingers crossed it doesn't happen again.

Even with all that going on I'm still happy to bring  you this quick and easy sewing tutorial. I think there might be a lot of tutorials out there on this but I wanted to give it a try and loved it! If you saw my last post I put up a little clue at the end what it would be. If you guessed right at it you would of guessed  pillow cover. Or would that be throw pillow cover...maybe even decorative pillow cover. I think these might be called envelope pillow cover. Hmmm either way its a pillow cover. The pillow in the picture I got from Allan for Halloween one year. Halloween junkie over here!!! Well anyway, seeing as I love Halloween it just doesn't go with my "décor"  that I'm trying to achieve. I wanted hints of teal, aqua (whatever the proper name is for that beautiful color is) around my living room. While right now  I have the curtains and..... that's about it. I'm just getting started and really learning how to decorate to make it look nice. 


What you'll need:

  • Half a yard , maybe little more, of your choice material.( more if you are using a bigger pillow. I used cotton. And Always pre-wash before sewing. Following the instructions on the end of the fabric bolt)
  • Matching thread
  • Sewing machine( or you can hand sew)
  • Pillow to insert( you can get these at Micheals,Hobby Lobby, Walmart or any you have around the house you just want to spruce up )
  • Any decorative cording, lace,ribbon so on and so forth.( I didn't add any)
  • Scissors or rotary cutter and mat
  • Ruler
  • Pins

Measure you pillow's width and height.
 Mine was 14 1/2"  by 14 1/2".
 I  added an inch and  a half for seam allowance. I wasn't sure how hard it would be to get on and off the pillow so I wanted to add a little room.

To the back pieces I cut the width of the front  but to the height I add 4 1/2" and then cut the back in half across the width. So I ended up with two pieces  h= 10" by w=15 1/2"

Now hem the two 10"x 15 1/2" on one side each. I did 1/4" hem.
I used my sewing foot as a guide and sewed using a straight stitch  down one side. I folded on that line I made and then over again. It helps me make a straight hem.

Now lay your front right side up.

Then place your back piece on top right sides together.

You two back pieces will over lap. Pin down and sew all the way around.

Now clip your corners and turn pulling through the back.

Stuff your pillow in!

And enjoy!

While I did make it a little loose but I'm still Happy with the results!

I hope you liked my tutorial. I love that you can do so many different things to it make it your own and its ONE of a kind because you made it! Also, they are super fast to make. Maybe 30 minutes to an hour to make. Okay not Super fast but in sewing that fairly quick I think.... or at least to me! Haha

Have a wonderful day!


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