Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Diy: Clam Mirror Compact (Disney 3 Part Series:Part 1)

Edit: I started this last week. Every thing has been crazy since then ( A good crazy) but left me no time to finish this until today. Later this week I will be putting up part two.:)  Enjoy!

I have been on a Disney kick for a bit, so I decided to make a mirror compact, inspired Little Mermaid. I grew up watching this movie and several other movies by Disney. I also have the added plus of having kids so that I get to still watch all the new --and old-- Disney movies. Let's face it I'm still 5 at heart! hahaha :)

This is Part 1 of my 3 part Disney Series that I will be doing. I already posted my tutorial video on YouTube It's on my channel if you would like to check that out.

I did say in the description box that I will be posting Part 2 next week here on Sew Crazy About Crafting - which is true- it just might be a little late because we have Am's family is coming here this week. So I'm not sure when I'm going to be able to get pictures taken and put up. My whole week has been thrown off for me. I keep thinking its the wrong day and I have been incredibly tired... a lot.
So, yeah..... there's that.

But enough on that, on to the show!

What you'll need:

  •  Polymer clay ( At least 2oz block
  • Clay tools: roller, blade, needle tool, a silicone tool would be helpful for blending but is not necessary. 
  • Mirror compact ( I got mine from Michael's dollar section.)
  • Tin/Aluminum Foil
  • Glue
  • Jewels/ gems

First remove all your stickers and jewels from your compact.Pictures below will show you how.

 Remove some of the gems so you can get to the clear sticker underneath the gems. It will be a little hard to remove at first but just take your time and it will eventually come up. Save these gems! My original gems are silver, which you'll see in the pictures closer to the end. I went back to Michael's and bought compact just to show you which one I used and how to remove them.

 Now it's time to take to the tedious task of removing all the gems off the sticker.

Warning: Some pictures from here on down might be blurry. I took screen shots from my video to get a tutorial for here. I did not make this twice!

 Take your tin/aluminum (here on out I'm going to call it tin foil) foil and wrap it around your compact while it's closed.
  With the white side up.

 Press it in and mold it to the compact. This is important that you  get all the details so your shell top will sit in perfectly after you bake it.

 Condition your clay. Take a small amount and make a ball.
 Roll it out to a thin sheet. Unless you have a pasta roller ( the one made for clay) then I would set it to a 3 maybe a 4 on there to roll it out.

 Place on your compact.
 Shape to you compact.
 Trim off the extra.

 Roll out another thin sheet of clay and this time cut a curve in it with your blade.

 Place  1/4 -use your best judgement- of an inch away from the front(the side that opens) of the compact.
 Trim off excess.
 Blend in.
Blend till no lines visible. You will do this on all layers. On following pictures you will see where I didn't blend each layer in one at a time. At the end I blended all of them at once.You can do it how ever you like as long as it all gets blended in.

This is where a silicone tool would have come in handy.While I got it smooth in the end it took a little more work than it probably should have. But it still turned out good.

I ended up having to add little extra clay on the front part of the shell to give it more of a curve.

  Tiding up the edges.
All those jewels you tool off carefully place them on the shell and push them in to make to indent.

Then remove them.

Remove the tin foil from the compact but not from the shell! And bake! (Read your package instructions)
Glue on jewels and let the glue fully dry. I let it dry over night and glazed the next day.
I tried using  hot glue but it wasn't working for me since I left the white sticker on there I just remove that and used the glue that was left behind.

Line everything up before you press down firmly.


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Any questions just ask! I also have a video up of this  tutorial on my YouTube Channel so check that out as well! If not you can watch below. Next week I will put up part 2. (Edit: This week)

Have a wonderful day!
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