Tuesday, September 2, 2014

DIY: Ursula Necklace( Disney 3 Part Series:Part 2)

Sorry it's late! So unlike me, I know! (Insert laughter here 'cause I suck at making post on time. I do try though!)  One thing after another--All good things though!!!-- has led me to not being able to do Part 2 on time.

Anywhoodle, I decided to do Part 2 on Sew Crazy About Crafting because there are so many of these types of tutorials on You Tube. I actually had the idea on how to do it for awhile now but when I looked it up that I saw that it had already been done....alot. So that's why I went ahead and put Part 2 here! Part 3 --like Part 1-- will be on both Sew Crazy About Crafting (The Blog) And my You Tube Channel Sew Crazy About Crafting (Click the link to check that out and subscribe!)

Again this is obviously inspired by Disney's The Little Mermaid. If you haven't seen the movie then you are missing out! Even if you're not 5! Hahaha  Like I stated in Part 1 I really am still a big kid at heart!

This is actually pretty simple tutorial. 


What you'll need:
  • Gold polymer clay  
  • Clay tools( I used a large ball tool and needle tool)
  • Head pin
  • wire cutters 
  • round tip jewelry pliers
  • Black ribbon
  • Jewelry closures (any style you prefer)
  • Hot glue gun and 1 glue stick
  • oven to bake your piece in


 Taking little a less then half the 2oz block of clay condition it and then roll it in to a ball.

 Now make a cone shape.
Large ball tool I used that green too there to on the side but I don't know that it's call and it the only picture I have of it.
  I took my large ball tool and hollowed out the large end of the cone. You don't have to do this step. I did it because I thought it would look cool and I'm weird so there's that, too. Even out the cone as best as you can.
 Now on the smaller end take you head pin with the flat end and roll it in the end. ( I have never had good luck with eye pins they always fall out.)

Cover it up but do lose the curl. From here you are going  to roll it up to the bigger part of your cone ( like a snails shell)
 Looks kind of like a French Horn (Band geek all the way hahaha)
 If you kind of smushed your middle swirl you can take your needle tool an carfully redefine it.
 Now take your needle tool and carefully make three lines in the larger part of the cone. Try not the make indents on the other side of your clay where your swirl is.
I adjusted my head pin in the back and added more clay for support for it. 

Now Bake!

 Cut you wire

 Make a Loop.

 This is the ribbon I used. its 1/8 in x10 yards.Measure out how big you want your necklace and add an inch. The best way to do this is to string the shell on the ribbon and then hold it up around you neck and see where you want it to sit at.
These are the closures I got.
 These are the ones I used.
 Now if you already strung the shell on the ribbon all you have to do is put one end of the ribbon through on end of the loop on the closures. If not string the shell first and then do all that :)
 Put a tiny drop of  hot glue one the ribbon and press the end into it.
 Careful it will be hot!!!! I used a piece of plastic to push down so it get a firm hold.
 Repeat to other side. Cut or pull of any stringy bit you have left. Let cool completely. I then add a thin layer of hot glue over the top so it will help it stay in place. Let cool again.
 Now Wear it!

I'll admit at the age of 26 I might be a little to old to wear this.
 But Emma's not! She loves it! I did have to adjust the ribbon for her but well worth it!

Also, I totally did not plan the polka dot outfits. I took these picture on two different days and the one of Emma are from my phone.The blue one I'm wearing is actually a This-to-That that's coming up after my Disney Series. Little sneak peak there! :)

Well ,I hope you enjoyed this! I had a lot of fun making it! Don't for get to Check back in for Part 3 and Check out my You Tube Channel!

Have a wonderful day!

P.s.I have not been compensated for this Disney Series and I will be linking up to most of these link parties!


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