Thursday, November 7, 2013

My first quilt.

Hello, hello! Well I have done it! I have conquered my fears of making a quilt.  Lex has been asking, and asking for a blanket. I've made  him blankets before he was born but they were simple not all this cutting out each little square and all that. Well it was a little easier than I thought. It was the cutting and  what size I wanted to make it. 

Now I did make this quite small, like crib size small. But it'll work for him cause one he's not very big and two he can fold it up for school nap time and carry it in his bag.  I did make one of the simplest quilts out there you could make. It took me from yesterday afternoon 'til about 11 last night and I finished it in about  30 or so minutes this morning. What took me the longest was  pulling out  one side of stitches. My Machine kept catching on me so I changed the "design" stitch I was using, to a straight stitch and "stitched in the ditch" Which I didn't always make it in the "ditch". I'll show you in a picture what I mean. But over all I'm very, very happy with it.

 My squares are 6x6 inches. And my whole quilt - squares across and squares down-  is 5x7.  I alternated the cars material with the off white material. I want to make it look like a checkered flag in a way. I think my results were awesome I think, but that's just me.
 I got a half yard of cars material a long time ago. I was material shopping and  Lex was with me and he saw it and begged and begged for it and I told him I would see,  I would see, because I already had  another project in mind when I was shopping so I wasn't sure if I would have the money at the time to buy it. Well, he was in luck I had just enough  to buy a half yard. At first  he and I were going to turn it into a pillow. It just sat there and sat there and  I had been wanting to make him a blanket so I thought I could at least a tempted  to make him one with that. All the sudden yesterday I got in the sewing mood ( which is good!) so I pulled that out sat down while Emma took a nap and tried to figure out what size and how big the squares and how many. That was the hardest part for me 'cause I had a vision I wanted but figuring out how to achieve that was hard.
 Well enough of me talking I'll just show you  some pictures.

This was just me laying it out to see how big it was.
All Done! hahaha
Sorry it's wrinkly .
Where I embroidered  Lexs name.
Again sorry it's wrinkly.
See how it's two different colors. the back and the Binding  I used a sheet 'Cause I didn't have enough of the off white. And See how my stitch wasn't always in the ditch.
 Now to bind it I used this method because I wanted to kind of simplify it as much as possible.

These were the best pictures I have of him and his blanket. Well I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.

Have a wonderful day!

Oh one more thing
That is all!



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