Monday, November 4, 2013

Trick or Treat!

I know, I know I'm late. Hahaha I always am. BUT! At least I got the pictures up! That's all that matter, right? Right! Oh! How do you like the new look for Thanksgiving? I like it. But let me know what you think!

 We were waiting on Lex to get off the bus.  And she was running away from me. She  looks so cute with her smile! This was on the 30th. We went Downtown to trick or treat 'cause is was supposed to rain on Halloween here.

This was the same night. I we went and trick-or- treated my family. This was right after Beecee got home.

 This was Emma's Halloween themed lunch on Halloween! 
 I don't know why but she would only eat the "broom handles" on the string cheese witch's brooms. And she had to pick them all up at once. hahahaha
See only broom handles are gone or nibbled at.
 This was while we were waiting to pick up AM.
 We decided last minute on Halloween to do the trick-or-treating at the mall. We figured if it does rain atleast we are indoors.
 So this was us waiting on our food because we got to the mall early before they started handing out candy.AM and Lex were watching tv. hahaha
 Still while we were waiting.

 She was so nice she let  Them pick out their own dum-dums.

That's pretty much It on that.  But wait did you see their trick-or-treat bags? Material look familiar?From my this to that post.
 Yep. I never go around to making that apron. I got part of it cut out but then Halloween loomed over me and we didn't have any bags for them so I took the rest and made them some. I finished them on the 30th 10 minutes before Am got home to take us downtown. Hahaha.
 I'm just in love with them, though. We will definitely be using these for years to come. Well until Lex or Emma get's tired of mommy making them things. Which I hope that never happens! 
I think the handles are my favorite. Took a little extra time but love the results!

That is all!
 Have a wonderful day!



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