Monday, September 15, 2014

DIY: Genie's Lamp From Disney's Aladdin (Part 3)

Hello all!! This is my final video in my 3 part Disney series. While I'm sad my first ever series is over I'm very happy this video is done and out of the editing process. Everything imaginable  happened that could happen when editing a video.I had to go through the editing process 7 --YES 7--  times. I would get started on my video and then about half way through it would lock up, shut down, exit out completely, or  just pain not work right! Plus more!

Anyway, I chose to do this in my last installment because with the recent death of one of my favorite actors (Robin Williams) it was really hard for me to sit down and make this after that. You might think it's silly but it really shocked me when it happened. It was hard for me to go back and find the Aladdin music from the movie to put with this. ( If you are still heart broken too just mute it please :) )

 I'll move on to the actual video now. I forgot to put in what kind of gold clay I used which was, Sculpey III Gold  You don't have to put all the triangles like I did, I just wanted to get it as close to the movie as I could. Obviously, I skipped out on the triangles on the bottom.... I got frustrated okay. DON'T JUDGE ME!

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I hope you enjoyed this!
Have a wonderful day!
P.s. I will be linking up to most of these  Link Parties. I also was not compensated for this post or any of my Disney series post. It was just a lot of fun! (Update 9/17/2014: I had to remove the music I originally put on my video. Sorry if there is only one song. I don't understand how to add more through their music remover thing on You Tube.)


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