Thursday, October 30, 2014

Skeleton Bag Part 1

Hello! Today is the beginning of a little  bag making series I'm working on. I ended up having to break the video up into parts because it was just way to long. I can't release each video every week. Though I would love to I just don't know if  I'm going to be able to. ( Because our internet sucks and it takes a lot of bandwidth.)

 I hope you enjoy and continue to watch the rest as I'm able to get it/them out. I'm not sure how many more video's it's going to take to complete the one bag.

One more thing. In the video I did make a mistake.  I will correct it later on when I realize what I've done . Other then that enjoy!

 Here are some pictures I took and the measurements. Rest will be in video below or look on my YouTube Channel:  Sew Crazy About Crafting

 You're going to want 4 rectangles that are 17 by 13 inches.

 That's width by height 
 I used vinyl from Jo-Anna's.
 Cut that at 17 by 4 inches.
 Again that's width  by height. 

The pockes that are not shown here ( which is basically part 1 is all about)  sizes are;
Phone pocket: cut two 8 by 6 1/2 inch ( width by height) 
Small pocket: cut two 5 by 6 1/2 ( width by height)

Also you're going to want stiff interfacing for this project. 

That's is for now I hope you like this and keep an eye out for the next part!
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Have a wonderful day!
I will be linking to most of these Parties.


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