Monday, December 23, 2013

One Thing After Another.... / Christmas decorating

Well here I am again. Finally!   With all thats been going on I was starting to think that I wasn't going to be able to get on here til next year. Haha! I have tutorials that I have been working on when I could but with me and the kids being sick for the last month I never got to around to finishing them and If you check in here every once in a while I was trying to work on the new background and title but ended up having to quit half way though 'cause I couldn't hold my head up any more.
This dang cold/ sinus Thing... what ever the heck it is, is kicking my butt. I'm ready for it to be gone! But I feel better than I did which is why I'm on here today. To say a Merry Christmas to those that celebrate it  and a HAPPY NEW YEAR. 'Cause I probably won't be able to get back on here til next year hahaha - a week or two- anyway 'cause its A.Ms  B day tomorrow and this weekend is mine and Lexs bdays. YAY 26 and 6. And AM will Be 100. hahahahaha jk he'll be 28... I think.Yeah.. I'm right 28.

ANYWAY, I'm Going to put up some pictures of the kids and some stuff I've been working on for the sneak peak of the tutorial that is coming up.
Oh and  one more thing AM got me an AWESOME camera for  Christmas/ Birthday! 
Isn't it pretty!

This was our thanksgiving. I made the name tages for everyone and Kyle started the fad of putting them on his glasses so every one started it. HAHAHAHA. That was so much fun.

There's our tree decorating. Not may pictures I know but better that nothing :-) The last one I took with my pretty new camera!

 I just love this picture of her. So cute.

 Here are the hat's and sweater that Mae made the Kids and me. The one Lex is wearing is actually Am's but its to small for his big head and fit Lex perfectly.

This is when he first saw me.
 Lex place mat he made for his christmas party.
That kid and his faces. hahaha

Decorating  his cone tree. 

All done

 Eating the cone
 Lex was scared of SpongeBob

 This was after he ate his cone note the green icing on his mouth.

Then there's just some random shots of  Emma I had being silly. Last on looks like she's from the 80's hahaha

 There's your preview of next years tutorial hahaha

Happy Holidays!

Sorry the banners sucks. Oh well.


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