Monday, April 15, 2013

DIY Thread Organizer

So today is the day before Emma's Birthday. WOW! ONE whole year tomorrow! I Can't believe it.  tomorrow I plan on posting up picture from her Birthday part that we had this weekend. Since her birthday falls on a Tuesday we wanted to do it on the weekend when people could actually come.
  It was so much fun getting ready and stress full at the same time. With Lex  our birthdays are right next to each other and Am went out and bought us an ice cream Transformers cake from Dairy Queen for his first and my 21. Lots of fun.  That was also the Year we got our Jeep. Love that gas sucker.

How the Time flies!

Well, lets make some more time fly with this tutorial. I had the idea in my  head I wanted a thread organizer, But I did want to pay $9 for one or more. I knew I could make one but really didn't know how to go about doing it. SO, I searched it. and I like video's. I'm a visual learner. That's why I do sooooo many pictures as I can for you people that read this that do want to know how to make the things. 'Cause I know there are lots of visual people like me. ;-) Now I got off track.... Oh yeah. SO I searched it on YOU TUBE and found this" How To Make A Thread Organizer" by Made By Marzipan. There's another way of doing it.

What you'll Need:

  • Frame old or new depends on you. The size depends on what you want/need
  • Foam board big enough to fit in frame
  • Paper big enough to cover foam board
  • Multiple Dowel rods ( cut down to 3 1/2 inch pieces ) or skewers
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Glue

The fame I used is 18 X 14 inches. I got it from Micheal's in the AS IS Section. Was so happy I found it! Broken? What?! Hot glue gun can fix it!
And they had half a foam board there too I picked up. 

AND for $ 2.50! Even better! 

 I only needed the size of my frame and I was going to cover it. so I didn't care what it looked like. AND  ONLY .75 cents!!!!
I'm happy with that!

                First things, first. If you're frame's broken fix it.

Little uneven ,but that's okay.

It's hard to see but lay the backing of your frame on the foam board and trace.

Cut out

Lay your paper out and trace your backing out on it. This was my wrapping paper from Christmas my parents got me. And its really good and thick paper. I lucked out and the back has it all measured out. Ever square is one inch. 

Cut out paper  add one inch to each side so you can wrap it around the edges 

Put glue on one side of your foam board. Carefully line up board. Putting glue side down.

This is the glue I used. I Highly recommend it for this if you are using paper. Its fast Drying. Just make sure you line up your paper to your board fast. 'Cause it takes LESS than a minute to dry as soon as it makes contact  with the paper.

 Cut Squares( not shown here forgot to take the picture after I cut it in the squares) out on your corner  and fold the edges and glue down.

 Pull back the little tabs on the back of your frame and SHOVE in your new board. It will be a tight squeeze BUT it will go in! Then fold the tabs back in to hold in place. Hot glue if you wish. I did not.
  I used Am's rotary cutter  and cut points in my dowel rod pieces.  I cut them to a little under  3  1/2 inches each. and the thickness of the rod was 1/4. do however recommend a smaller size rod if they have one.  This was the smallest one I could find at Walmart. Hahaha.  I say multiples in the " What you'll need "  Because I only got 11  thread holders. 

 Mark out every 2 to 3 inches and gently push rod through to the back. Hot glue down and you're all set! 

 Well, this was a simple tutorial and it was fun to make!
 Hope you liked it. Oh and I forgot to mention, this coast me roughly $3.75 to make! Verses $9 to buy! WOOO yeah! I'm so cheap. Hahaha! But I need to get more rods to make more pegs.

As always,



UpDate: I finally finished it! Come check it out here!


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