Tuesday, January 19, 2016

What I've been working on Jan 2016

Hello! Well, I'm back after  a much needed break from my crafts.  I've been slowly getting back into the swing of crafting again. That's why I'm back here to show you!

I haven't done much but it's better then nothing at all. It took me quite a while to work on both of them. I'm very, very proud of the  things I made. Although, there are many changes I would love to be able to make, I'm still happy with the over all results.

It's all a learning process. One project at a time. So lets Jump right into it shall we!

 These are the two clay girls I have been working on. The Snow girl, still with no name,  came from my own imagination and the Mermaid, Nami, is from a game called League of Legends that my husband and I play. She is a support character and I love playing her, plus she's a Mermaid!
Lets me start with Nami. I made her first back in late 2015, I want to say around October But I could be completely wrong on that... Maybe August.... Again I don't recall the exact date I started her, but I know it took me at least 3  to 4 months to finish her. I could be over exaggerating the time it took, but I know it took almost 3 months. I really want to say I started her in august. --- Stupid memory.

 She and I went through a lot of ups and downs. For a good while I put her to the side completely and didn't even want to think about finishing her.   AT ALL. 
She was broken at least twice. The clay continued to dry out even after multiple re conditioning and adding clay softener--A LOT.
   My  house is annoyingly dusty and even though I had her completely covered she would still get super filthy...and then when it came time to bake her I forgot to account for the little space I have in my clay oven and had to bake her on her back Which is why her back is so janky.....
All in all she  was my first large all clay piece and I'm still happy with the results even though there are things I wish I could change.

 This girl here came completely out of my own imagination. I started her in November.And finished right after new years.
 I bought the doll hair one day while shopping with my mother in law at Hobby Lobby with plans to make a clay doll.
The only thing hand painted on her face is her eye brows and her make-up. Her eyes are made from clay.
 When coming up with the idea I knew I wanted her to be pose able .I made the arms pose able but as I was sculpting her I forgot to make her legs pose able as well. But that's okay. I really like that she's standing up. Her shoes are removable and  I did that with the purpose of being able to bake her correctly.
 I had to bake her little by little as  I went. since she was so big I knew there was no way she would be able to stand in the oven.

 I made her clothes from my sewing scraps pile and glued them to her. I really like how her coat came out. I want it for my own  hahahaha

 Her hat is fashioned after a hat my Mother in law made for me. I love it so much that I made one like it for her. the only difference is the color. My hat is grey and black..

See here are her arms that are pose able. And since I broke her neck while I was making her so is her head.

Like I said before there are some things I like and some things I hate and wish I could change. But it's all okay. Because I'm learning.

That's really about it. I hope you like it. Let me know what you think!

 I made a video with little more info. If you would like to check that out here it is!

If you are having trouble viewing the video  below check out my You Tube Channel and watch it from there, or search Sew Crazy About Crafting on You Tube. And then watch my other video's while you are there!

That's about it!

Have a wonderful day!


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