Friday, April 1, 2016

Kitty Cat Backpack

Hello all! Today I have this super cute and fun backpack to share that I made.  I love how it turned out. Well, except for the inside. I kind of messed up when I was putting the lining in, but that's okay It's my backpack so I really don't care for the most part. Plus it's on the inside so it's not like a HUGE eye sore.

As my Cali trip gets closer I decided I need a new bag to carry all  my goodies around in as we walk around Hollywood, the beach and Art museums. I initially intended this bag to be smaller and  more  for Emma. And in time it will be, but  as of right now I made it to big,  so I'll use it for me in the mean time and carry her stuff in it that she needs. :)

I'm going to see if I fix the lining by sandwiching the open seam and hand sewing it closed. I know there is a technical term for it but I can't think of what its called.... oh well.

On to the SHOW!

Well, I hope you liked it! I know I do!

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Have a wonderfulday!


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