Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Halloween Wreath!!

I'm so excited!!! Woooo! Party over here! Party Over there!

Why am I so excited you ask? Because! That's why! Uh duh! hahaha Just kidding. I'm excited because it's officially FALL! AND!AND! Actually starting to feel like it here. Well, in the morning and at night at least mid day is a nice warm out. But not a sweltering heat that you are like " OMG it's so hot out I can't breath! GAHH!" Yeah it's not quite that bad anymore! Wooo YEAH!

Okay I'm done cheering all your face now. Oh but I am very happy to share my Halloween wreath I made. Loving it soooo much! You are probably wondering why  I am decorating my door for Halloween in September and my answer is, because why not?!!. :)

 I even made a video on how I made it. Ooooooo didn't see that one coming did you? Yes? Darn okay.

You want to see some pictures? Yes? GOOD! There's only a few so enjoy!

I feel like I'm yelling a lot today(in a good way).... OH WELL!


I took these two on my phone the rest with my camera. I got a little decorating done on the inside as well but I'm not going to show that. Not yet at least. ;)

 Close up

And here's a rare site to see. My craft area clean. I  snapped this picture before I started working on my wreath. I was trying to actually have room to work and move I knew this would be a rare time for it all to be clean so I thought eh why not take a picture. hahaha :)

Oh I forgot to mention everything except for the foam ring (from Hobby Lobby) and the tulle (From Jo-Ann's) I got from the Dollar Store! Oh wait I had the paint and goggly eyes on hand  but you can get those from just about anywhere.  So I paid roughly 10 or 11 total for this wreath!! yeah! WOOO!
More yelling!! hahaha! :)

Well that's about it. Oh wait! Here's my video of me making the wreath Hope you like that. Thumbs up if you  saw the ghost. If you like this and want to see more don't forget to subscribe to my channel ( Sew Crazy About Crafting)I will be putting more video's up and tend to my blog at the same time! I'm just having so much fun doing both!!!


Well That's about It! Hope you like that if you have trouble viewing the video above you can go to YouTube and search for me Sew Crazy About Crafting <----Or click the link! and got to my videos.
Have a wonderful day!
P.s I will be linking to most of these Link Parties here.

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