Friday, January 10, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Yes ,Yes, Yes, I know its late ,but I have a whole lot of catching up to do so let just jump straight to the photo's shall we. WARNING: THERE ARE A BAZILLION!

Thank  you and have a wonderful day!
This was before the kids woke up. ( Thank you BEECEE AND MIMI AND POPS!)

He was so tired
She looks so tall here.

While she was only on her second he was on his Sixth Hahahah. She wasn't sure what to do with the paper. hahahaha


Yeah you're smiling now I told you to build it last night Hahaha
 Best Face ever!

 He was so happy to get his scooter :-)

 We  have yet to  build this but soon I'm sure we will. Its a Kre-o Transformer Thing-a-ma-bob
ELEPHANT! lol she LOVES this thing.
 Thank you beecee!  I mean santa. hahaha
 It's bingo with a zing!

 Crazy pants hahaha
 Pops got Clamps!

 She wanted every one to help open a present 
MONKEY. She likes this alot 

Yeah see told you that you would hate it hahahahaha.
 Oops AM made my mom cry.
 IN A GOOD WAY! She was super happy for her gift.
YAY Beecee got a cup and money hahaha
Now son this is how you  shoot is.  Not what he said but that's what it looks like. 

 Now We go to Mimi and Pops house.

 Big kids sorting the gifts

 Le Helped Cosmo open her gift
 Spy gear
 Cutie Cosmo

 She was closing her eyes for this "lovely" pillow 

 Pops loves Superman!
Lex wanted to help mimi with her new make-up 
End results 
 I do love Lucy!
 Lex made me cry He got me some awesome sewing stuff for Christmas!
 He got AM a  remote control truck.
He Got Beecee Make-up. 
Mimi got  a leash to walk Jack with and Pops got an Awesome pocket watch. I do not have pics of these.
 I love this picture I got a Tri-pod from Mimi and Pops and Am set it and took a picture.

 This cracks me up looks like shes say " wh-what are you doing?"
 Crazy pants again. hahaha


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