Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy Birthday Lex!

Well not today but here are the pictures from his birthday party! Such great fun!
 This was pretty awesome!

Mmmm Cake
 So we rented the party room not knowing how big this place was.  We only used 2 tables   HAHAHA

 Birthday Boy!

Hahaha so cute!

 Crazy driver!

 Emma loved hitting the button and getting the tickets. Cracked me up!
 Carys Helped me collect my tickets after I hit the jackpot! WOOOOO 1000 tickets hahahahah I gave her 500 and Lex 500. She was so happy. 
 Mimi holding the 1000 tickets I won took forever  for them to come out of the dang machine hahahaha
 Crazy pants sister. hahahaha
 He was super excited for the skate board we got him!
 That face  for money cracks me up

Uncle Jeff we very excited about the Rock'em Sock'em robots!

That's All!
Have a wonderful day!


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