Monday, September 16, 2013

The Polka-Dot Cutie!

Hello, Hello, Hello! Well I'm going to be a little busy for a while after this post taking care of Allan and kids on top of that so this will probably( maybe not) be my last post for a while..... So, the usual for me hahaha.
While the title tells you a bit about this post. It's not a how to because this would call for a pattern (which I really need to learn how to do PDF's) and..yeah. You get my drift. Anyhoodle, I'm so proud of this shirt I made Emma!

 I've been mulling it over in my mind quiet a bit and I finally sat down worked out the pattern and  all that and set to work like a day or two after drafting my pattern. It turned out way better than I expected. I'm sooooooooooooooooooo.......oooooooo.... Happy to share this. When something looks store bought to me that I made I just flip! It's such an awesome feeling! Love it! 
Random person:"Oh what a cute shirt! Where did you get?"
Me: " Oh, I made it."
Them: Gasp!
Hasn't happened yet, but I can dream can't I!?!? One day, one day.
 Now like I said these are just pics of my sewing along the way, along with a fair amount finished pictures. So lets get on with it shall we? Excited? Me too!

Oh one more thing I couldn't get a good smile out of Emma she was to busy running and trying to avoid me taking her picture. I think my little ham is disappearing. Hopefully my ham will return. hahaha

 These are just me putting it together.

 Sorry they are a little blurry.

And then I got tired I guess of taking pictures of working on it 'cause this is all I had really on that. Well not true all the others I did take of the same things shown here are blurrier.

Now on to the finished pictures!!
 The back/side view ( I had a lot of theses. hahahah)

 Her diapers are rather large on her back.('cause she's so tiny) This stuck up even after I shoved it down five million times Hahaha
What do you think?
Like it? Love it? Let me know! 
That's what those reaction buttons are for!  If you don't want to leave a comment just click that I'll be just as happy! Let's face it I'm not a comment leaver either! Sorry. 
This is made from a knit material that I got at Walmart. Its a really good quality too. This is the same material I used to make her pants here.
Well, like I said probably my last post for a bit, but I might sneak on in here  at some point.... probably not knowing me :-D
Oh one more thing before I go I made apple butter today! Waiting for it to get done still!

For now!

Have a Wonderful Day!



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