Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day Of School!!!

OH! MY! GOODNESS! I never thought this day would come. It's like when you're a kid and you're like " Growing up is SO far away! I want to be grown up now!" ( True story)  Like that except for I didn't want this day to be here so soon. I'm excited but sad. And happy I have a little calm down time. I mean even though Emma still here ..... It's just not the same. Apparently I don't have the right words to describe it. Hmm....

 Well, it is 2 here going to leave here soon to go get him. I'm very excited to see him and ask all the questions!!!! But, before I go here's some pictures to look at!
 His first school project
 His Lunch box and snack bag! Love the Labeling! ( Thanks MAE!)
 Inside lunch Box. I just made him some turkey wraps and grape and there is gold fish in there too! ( Thanks Beecee for the Awesome Lunch box stuff!)
His First day of school sign!
 Before we left the House we started our morning with a good ol' argument!
Me: Smile nicely please.
Him: Mommy I am smiling! My teeth are showing!

 Finally a good picture of him and this dang sign. I took like....80. Not really but you get my point.
 Lex and his " cousin" Haylie. I'm not sure if that's how they spell her name.... I can never get  it right. 
 This was  in the cafeteria while we were waiting to be able to take him to class.
 In front of his class door.
 His Cubby! So cute!
Putting away his coloring book
After He did that he was able to sit and play with  some legos we talked to he teacher and got his score on how good he did in his screening. Which I might add he did pretty good. He missed the things I knew he would But that's very few things and  he got things right that I  wasn't sure if he understood. So that was awesome!
 He was so defiant about wearing this name tag so I could get a picture. So I put in on him a took a picture anyway.
 His name on his desk
 After we got back home I made Emma hold the sign and take pictures too. I think she liked it 'cause her big brother was doing it before.

 She was talking  up a storm here. I have no clue about what. hahaha
 She just would not leave this bush alone.
 And then we topped our morning off with feeding daddy cookies. hahahaha

So now we are back and I got to hear allllllllll about his day! He did soooo good!  Very proud!

Well that's it for now. Next time I have a dress refashion tutorial coming up soon. Very excited!

Hope you have a wonderful day!



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