Monday, June 24, 2013

Hello again!

 Hello! Sorry there hasn't been any new post lately I have been on the busy  lazy side I've made a few things. Still have yet to finish Lex's shorts...... I'm scared of how they'll turn out. So far they are looking good, but I'm afraid to add the pockets and the waist band. Silly I know. But I have made a shirt for Emma- that I hate the hem on- and a tote bag that I love!!
Which has become my new purse/ diaper bag for Emma. I ended up never making the matching bag to go with my wallet. I started it.... but never finished. And Yes I'm a procrastinator.   Oh and I made my first sale to a lady that my mom works with! She requested a wallet and I drafted a whole new pattern just for that!  Turned out so cute! 
 There has been lots of things going on. So let me just show you some of the stuff I have worked on and something I'm going to be soon working on with a  tutorial to come! 

 Here's the tote bag. I had to stuff it with plastic bags to make it stand hahaha.

 Here's the wallet  I made and sold!!



 This is the dress I made Emma. I made the pattern myself. It was supposed to be a shirt that ended up a dress and way too big.... I'm still learning hahaha :-D
 I hate the front love the back. At least she can grow into it.

I like this picture because it looks like Lex is tired of me taking pictures. Let me tell you, he's not. He's a total ham when it comes to taking pictures.

 I bought this shirt at target for Emma. I though it was so cute! This was the original idea I had for the dress above, but ended up finding this after I made that.

 So I traced and made a pattern out of that shirt and made this one for her. I like it except for the bottom hem.


Us cleaning up going inside. Lex kept dropping the table.

 This was today after we came in from taking pictures.

 Here are the pictures I took for Am's Fathers day gift. I surprised him big time.  Lex looks super tall here to me.

On our fathers day we went to Krispy Kream and the Mall. Lots of fun. Its hard to take a good picture of Am..... He's worse then the kids. He'll put on a fake smile and move.... drives me nuts.

Here's a little preview of the tutorial I'll be working on soon. 
I've been trying to stay away from the polka dots.... But they just keep calling me back. And I saw this and fell in love. This is my new favorite color ( its more of a teal.. or aqua... what ever the name is, then it shows in the picture) as of late and I just couldn't help my self. :-D
Can you guess what we'll be making??

Well that's it for now. Next time I'll post up the tutorial and later this week I'll post up our trip to Mid America Science Museum.  They have the dinosaur exhibit going on until September. Can you believe it was actually my idea to go!   If you know me you know my undying love for dino's.   The bones I can handle, but these where animatronic dinosaurs and they where a 1/3 scale.  Still fairly big. I eventually warmed up to the idea of standing by them to take pictures. 

As Always,
Have a wonderful day!



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