Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I Mustache you to make me!

 Hello again. Today is a fun tutorial. That's simple and you probably already know how to do it. A few weeks ago I made this mustache material out of some left over white knit I had from making Emma's birthday dress its the polka dot one, but I also used it in the lining of the skirt on the yellow as well. 

  I thought I could make her a cute little cardigan like thing to wear. The making of the cardigan turned out wrong. Its WAY to small. That's what I get for just eyeballing it. But the fabric turned out great. My friend Liz thought I bought it like that. I thought that was awesome! SO!  Lets get started its soooooo simple!

What you'll need:
  • Fabric paint ( your choice)
  • fabric ( I used knit)
  • paint brush
  • Mustache stamp. (or one of your liking)
  • paper plate
  • card borad large enough for your material to lay out flay on.
  •  tape ( I used some green masking tape we had. I think its painters tape.)
  •  wipes/ wash cloth to clean your stamp.

Always fallow the instructions of your fabric paint and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE always prewash your fabric before.
I picked up these two stamps sets from Micheals and I couldn't decided if I wanted to do the arrows or the mustache. I,obviously, choose the mustache. 

ALWAYS test your stamp. I cut and two squares and tested both the arrows(not shown here) and the mustache.

  Tape you material down. I ended up sticking folded up tissues under where the material didn't have the card board touching it.
you want to stretch it just a little bit.

 I took my paint brush and sort of dabbed it on to the stamp. I tried making a thin layer on the plate and stamping in the paint then on the material. It didn't work. This is why you test it first. Figure out what works for you. Also make sure you apply even pressure when stamping.

See thick but not TO thick.

Now, start stamping away. About every two or three stamps clean you stamp off completely with your wipes or wet wash cloth. You will  have better results. Other wise the corners of your stamp will start to build up with paint and you'll have a big ol' mess in the end. So I recommend you don't skip that.

 I had some turn out really good!

And some.... not so, but this was  at the beginning and weren't to bad. But definitely weren't good

All done! Now let Dry.Again follow the instructions on the paint. You will, before it drys, grab in between the mustaches and gently pull up so the paint doesn't stick and dry to the cardboard.

As you can tell I tried to do a random layout of it. I think it turned out fairly well and will be doing this again. Hopefully this time I won't mess up what I sew! Please learn from my mistakes. DO NOT EYEBALL ANYTHING.... besides that would hurt.




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