Friday, May 24, 2013


Hi there! This is not a how to post but a post of some of the things I've been working on, or things that I want. Hahaha.  And of course some pics of the Kids. This last week we have been busy.
One, I was trying to get caught up on house work and taking care of A.M 'cause he was sick-poor thing- and two trying to finish Lex's shorts I was working on..... Still haven't finished them but they are closer to being done than before. :-)
Also my awesome friend Liz came over and we hung out. Lex calls her Aunt Wiz. To funny. 

It was so great to see you Liz!!! 

So let me first show you some of the stuff I've been working on.This was the stuff I made my mother for Mother's day.The handle on one side broke as you can tell. I made every thing shown here including the gift bag. The flower pot is a pen. The sugar scrub I got the recipe from ( I have yet to hear back from my mother on how well it works. :-)   )

This is the bookmark I made for her. The READ ME on top supposed to stick out of the top of the book.
Can you tell where I messed up?

This is the material I'm using to make Lex's shorts out of. I drew out the pattern my self. Hope its turns out good. I used another pair of shorts he has as a guide.

 I told you in the last post, DIY Wallet (An Almost Fail), I made new one that I was in love with and this is it.



Open. Little blurry sorry.

Pocket and Zipper Pocket

There are a few spots I mess up on sewing wise but its mine so I really don't care.
I do ,however, hope to sell this type of style wallet one day. I've thought of doing the local craft fair here in a year or two. It would give me enough time to work out my kinks on things and make enough inventory if I do it. I haven't quiet decided yet :-)

I made Emma some quick leggings. These come just below her knees and remind me of the 70's. hahaha
I just used my No Pattern Pants technique to make them. 

I also Made this shirt. The crochet part I got from another shirt that my mom gave me. The red polka Dots is a sheer material. It reminds me of Minnie Mouse. :-)



Now lets move on to some of the things I want/saw that I thought was cool.

Bet you can't guess which tea cup pot I want in this picture. hehehehe

I saw this shirt at Ross one day and I really wanted it but didn't look good on me nor was it my style. I just LOVE the Owls!
Lex just had to get in the pic. :-)

You would think in this picture I would want this because of the owl, but that's actually not what drew me to it it was the fox. So cute!

This is the fabric bolt of the grey polka dot fabric I got to make my wallet. I was soooooo excited it was on sale. 2 bucks half a yard. Right up my ally. I made that wallet and I'm fixing to start on a matching bag. YAY!

This is The lining I've been using.
The "Extra Crispness" makes me giggle when I read it 'cause I'm so mature like that and read crispness as crispiness. Like I said mature :-D

That is pretty such it for the stuff want/saw or just showing you what I use. :-)

Now On to the Kids!
Emma decided my batting was a horse and then Lex joined in for the fun.

Aunt Wiz. And the whole time I'm trying to take a photo of the three Lex was talking away. If you know Lex you know he LOVES to talk.

 We had to get Emma some new sippy cups since her old ones were leaking everywhere. When A.M pulled it off the shelf and showed it to her to she took it and hugged it then started gibbering away. She was soooooo happy. Too cute! hahaha

This was after one of Emma's docs appointments  We had to come back home for Nappy time. Hence the sweatpants. 
She loves that purse.

This was the same day we went to Ross I think. Emma was tired and by the time we got to Micheals that she fell asleep. I felt bad but I also knew she would sleep better 'cause the movement of the cart.

That's About it. If you haven't noticed yet I LOVE polka dots. :) Always have, always will. But I do know I have a lot of polka dots going on right now so that's also why I took down my polka background down and I made the simple scissors one. I didn't want to much going on. 

Hope you guys love this! I will try and think of a new tutorial to put up soon. Because I don't know how to do a PDF pattern, I don't think I will put up I don't think I will be doing to many clothes. tutorials. But if its something simple sewing wise I will.

 Let me know what you think of my new background.

Yay or nay?

Have a wonderful day, 



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