Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Petal Dress

Hello, Hello, people! Yes I have been very behind on my posts lately, sorry, but if you can see I've bee very busy re-doing my site. Let me know what you think!!!
 I love it so far!
 I've also been working on other tutorials to be able to share with you. Just gotta up load and edit the pictures.

So today's tutorial is Emma's Easter dress I made her. Like the forgetful person I am I forgot to take pictures of her in it on Easter. So we went outside this morning since it was so nice and took a few of her in it. Plus it was raining on Easter here.
The size I'm going to be making is closer to a six to nine month size because shes so small that's what most of  her clothing size she wears is. There a few 12 month but very few. 

 On to the Show! Warning Lots of picture again! hahaha

Petal Dress Size 6-9 months
What you'll need:

  • 1 yard cotton material ( pre-washed)
  •  lace trimming.
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors  or rotary cutter and mat
  •  two buttons
  • 2  2 inch strips of thin elastic ( sorry don't remember the size and I didn't write it down)

 I used a shirt that fit her fairly well to trace the top part

Each Petal is  10 in wide by 10 inch long. Sorry I forgot to show how I drew It out.  I folded the  material in and used my water soluble pencil and  drew it out til it looked right then cut it out.
 I cut the shoulders at little over 2 inches wide and 2 inch long. That's for top of the strap to the top part of the neck line
The top piece is 10 inches wide by 5 inch tall  Measured from arm pit to arm pit on the top piece and  from the  neck line down to the bottom.

 I cut four strips of  lace  each 25 inches long, But ended Up needing more. You'll see what I mean in pictures to come. So I recommend  when you lay out your laces on each petal to see how much you need add 4 more inches. It's always better to have more.
Lay out and sew on  lace rights sides together.

I  did a zig-zag stich  just over the edge to keep it from fraying.

Flip lace out and iron flat then top stitch the edge to hold in place.
 See how I had to cut the lace I found out after word not thinking about it curving it  wouldn't lay flat once I turned the lace out so I had to cut the lace. So on the next peace I tried doing a little box pleat in the on the more curvy parts. And it worked.
 All shown here:

See this is after I did the little pleats and needed more lace. Luckily I had it.
Please ignore the numbering on this one I can't count....

Sew right sides together. Turn, remembering to notch the corners and iron.
 Cut a strip of material 2 by 4 inchs for the button panel. Iron flat if needed.

 Cut two thin strips of elastic 2 inches long  ( don't remember the thickness of them,sorry.)

Zig-zag the edges to prevent fraying. Then Fold the edges over and top stich.( not shown here)

Put right sides together
Sew down the middle adding the elastic. The elastic should fold over to create a loop.  Remember to back stitch over the elastic  for durance.

After sewing the button area on cut  down the middle and notch the corners then flip.

 Top stitch the edge. So it won't flip back

 Line up and sew the buttons on.

If you use you're sewing machine to sew your buttons on, take a handle sewing needle and  use it to pull the string to the back and then tie it off.

 Line up your petals
 Pin and Gather. ( Not shown here.)
Put rights sides together sew the sides and the top shoulder pieces. Flip right side out.

Adjust your gather till you like it pin  and sew, you'll be placing the right sides together.



Well that's about its sorry if it's little confusing. Let me know if you have any questions.

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