Thursday, November 1, 2012

Really,Really Late Recipe Tuesday!

So sorry its so late Guys! But I've been pretty busy. We went trick-or-treating Tuesday and Wednesday! So much fun! I'll make another post with those pictures.Also I won't be having  a Crafty Friday this week Sorry. :-(  Next week for sure! Even if it is late.
Maybe I should stop calling Them Recipe Tuesday and Crafty Friday since they hardly ever end up on that day..... Oh well. :-)

Sorry if the pictures are blurry, Lex took some of the pictures for me.

This recipe really doesn't have a name 'cause it's something I made up. But I guess I do call it Pineapple chicken.
I like it. It has a sweet tangy taste to it I guess you could say. Sweetness from the pineapples and tangyness from the chilly powder and the peppers. Nice combo I think.

Try it out let me know How you like it!

Pineapple Chicken!
What you'll need:
  • 1 red pepper
  • 1 orange pepper
  • 1 yellow pepper
  • 1 onion 
  • 1 can of chopped or crushed pineapple, Juice drained and reserved  (which ever you prefer or have on hand. If you want more juice/sauce I do recommend getting the chopped kind. Crushed seems to have less juice.)
  • 1 pack of chicken chop into chunks. ( Breast or tenders or thighs. Doesn't matter. But I've never tried the thighs with this recipe.)
  • chilly powder
  • salt

So I would recommend chopping everything first. I had just a small chopping board that was clean, and I try to limit the amount of dishes I use when I cook so I didn't get an extra bowl or plate out to hold the veggies while I cut everything. So I just cut and cooked as I went.


I use Pam canola spray.

After your pan is heated.  Add the onions and peppers. Cook these how ever you like. I like to cook them down 'til they are no longer "squeaky" :-) or the onions are translucent, with a hint of browning.

 Add your chicken and pineapples.
On top of the chicken add the chilly powder,and salt.
 I like a good helping of chilly powder. With just a little salt. You can always add more salt later.


Cook chicken one minute each side then add the pineapple juice.

Cook until chicken is done. Should have a nice caramel color too it. But don't cook it down to much if you want to used the juice as a sauce.( I didn't take a picture of this.)

After its all done I take all the veggie's and chicken out of the pan, not dumping but scooping it out. Then I add my cooked rice and stir around until  its nice and coated with the sauces.
( or this, Sorry)

Serve and enjoy!



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