Friday, October 26, 2012

Crafty Friday! Wings!

Well this craft is actually the wings I made Emma for Halloween because they don't make wings for babies. Hahahaha
 Since I made this  on Tuesday the day I wasn't feeling well so there's not a whole lot of pics on how to.

What you'll need:

  •  2 pairs of stockings -new or used-  or pantyhose for large wings
  •  wire or a wire hanger.
  • pliers that have the wire cutter on them
  • paint if you want to paint them
  • glitter glue 
  • or glitter and glue
  • ribbon
  • elastic ( for your arms if you want to if not you can use ribbon too)

First you need to "dye" you're stocking if you want to. I did since mine were used and a nice tan. :)

This is the paint I used to dye them. I took a small bowl one I didn't care about or one I use for painting already waded the stocking up and squeezed a generous amount of paint on them, then worked it through the stocking with my hands. I did a pair at a time. 
Let dry. 
I let mine dry an hour then got impatient and took the hair dryer to them.
You could also just stretch it on then paint them. 

I formed the wings with the wire. Now I took a pic after I did that and it show's I used ribbon -or a piece of material rather-  to tie them together. I actually don't recommend doing that. I recommend you twist the ends together after each section is formed and then when you put them together AFTER you put the stocking on each section. 
then tape all the pieces together and cover with ribbon. It will make the wings stand up better and be less flimsy 
when I say twist the end together I mean each side of the wire that come together to make on section. if you are making a large wings I  would say leave an extra 4 inches of wire that you twist together. So it sits nicely on your back.
(Sorry if this seems all over the place I'm trying to explain it as best as I can.)

Measure and cut the stocking if need be.

Pull the stocking on just like you would on your foot. Remember to pull it tight.

I just tied and rolled the ribbon around each side then hot glued the ribbon down.
 I then hot glued some elastic on. But if you don't have elastic you can glue ribbon on then just tie it around your arms.

I used some simple dollar glitter glue from Micheals  by studio g
But as I said before you can use glue and glitter as well.

All done!

Let dry and try on!

That's it! Hope it wasn't to bad!

Have a great day!


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