Thursday, October 2, 2014

This to That 4: Polka dot dress!

HI there! I know it's not a Halloween related post in October, but I just wanted to get this out before everything I post about is HALLOWEEN! :D And yes I'm all up in your face when I say Halloween like a crazy person.

I made this This to That back in uhhh July I want to say. But I'm not 100% sure on that. I actually made this Maxi dress the day before Lex's Kindergarten graduation. I wanted a new dress and decided the day before I was going to make it lol.

I bought the material fooooreeever ago at Jo-Ann's. It's a nice knit and its cotton. I got it in the red tag area they have and got 2 yards at $7 a yard. At the time it was the most I ever paid for material. I'm just a super cheap person. And that sounds terrible but it's true. Unless it's something that I just can't pass up or we absolutely have to have it I will put it back until I can get it at a later date for a cheaper price.

When I first made the dress I really wanted a maxi dress. I saw them everywhere. On blogs, in stores. Everyone was getting ready for Spring/ summer. So I searched and read 50 million different ways to make a maxi dress. When I finally decided  how I was going to make it. I took one of A.m's old shirts and made a mock up for the top. Because I didn't want it to be in one piece, those types of dresses usually sit and hug on me in bad places. I made the top so it would fit my bust just right and then have a gather right under there so it would hide my belly. I thought it turned out quite well. I liked it..... for the most part. I hated the arm holes cause they stuck out all weird but looked fine with a little sweater.

BUT IT WAS HOT. I didn't know a dress could be so HOT! I was sweating in it when it still had a nice chill to the air. Not freezing but cold enough for long sleeves. I was also really nervous that night too. So that might of added to the extra sweaty-ness.  hahaha

I doubled up on the front part of the top where my bust is so I didn't have to wear any under shirts, cami's  or anything like that. I didn't know it was going to be so thick. You're probably thinking  "wouldn't you know that from sewing with it?". Well, you would think I would but I didn't do a skin showing test or anything like that. 'Cause I'm brilliant! Duh! I kind of kick my self for that but it's okay it's done and over with.

Well I love it even more now! I added sleeves and made it shorter. I'm just in love with it! It's so comfortable! The tops still a little warm but I can wear it in fall (even though its fall now the temperature out side doesn't agree) and winter with some leggings and boots. I think it will be cute. I hope it will be. hahahahaha

I also plan to use this for my Halloween costume. Which I won't give away just yet because I might do some DIY tutorials for it. Not yet sure on that though or not. :)

I'll show you some pictures now instead of blabbering on about it.

 I wish I would of known  that the  back seam was off that bad So I could of  moved it. It's like that in all my pictures. And it's not because I sewed it crooked or anything. It just catches on my large behind. lol
 You can kind of see it here how the arm area stick out kind of wonky and pointy. I drove me nuts.
 This is just me measuring it out see how short I wanted it.
 Now you all know I'm short. HAHAHA. Yeah I'm no amazon woman lol
 Yeah I'm cool lol!

See there it is again all messed up. Ticks me off lol. ALso sorry the Lighting is so bad in all these  pictures.

Well that 's all I have for that. I hope you enjoyed it! I love it! Though i'm thinking about shorting it just a tad more.. Not sure? What do you think? Yay? or nah?
Let me know!

Have a wonderful day!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Halloween Wreath!!

I'm so excited!!! Woooo! Party over here! Party Over there!

Why am I so excited you ask? Because! That's why! Uh duh! hahaha Just kidding. I'm excited because it's officially FALL! AND!AND! Actually starting to feel like it here. Well, in the morning and at night at least mid day is a nice warm out. But not a sweltering heat that you are like " OMG it's so hot out I can't breath! GAHH!" Yeah it's not quite that bad anymore! Wooo YEAH!

Okay I'm done cheering all your face now. Oh but I am very happy to share my Halloween wreath I made. Loving it soooo much! You are probably wondering why  I am decorating my door for Halloween in September and my answer is, because why not?!!. :)

 I even made a video on how I made it. Ooooooo didn't see that one coming did you? Yes? Darn okay.

You want to see some pictures? Yes? GOOD! There's only a few so enjoy!

I feel like I'm yelling a lot today(in a good way).... OH WELL!


I took these two on my phone the rest with my camera. I got a little decorating done on the inside as well but I'm not going to show that. Not yet at least. ;)

 Close up

And here's a rare site to see. My craft area clean. I  snapped this picture before I started working on my wreath. I was trying to actually have room to work and move I knew this would be a rare time for it all to be clean so I thought eh why not take a picture. hahaha :)

Oh I forgot to mention everything except for the foam ring (from Hobby Lobby) and the tulle (From Jo-Ann's) I got from the Dollar Store! Oh wait I had the paint and goggly eyes on hand  but you can get those from just about anywhere.  So I paid roughly 10 or 11 total for this wreath!! yeah! WOOO!
More yelling!! hahaha! :)

Well that's about it. Oh wait! Here's my video of me making the wreath Hope you like that. Thumbs up if you  saw the ghost. If you like this and want to see more don't forget to subscribe to my channel ( Sew Crazy About Crafting)I will be putting more video's up and tend to my blog at the same time! I'm just having so much fun doing both!!!


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Have a wonderful day!

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Michael's Haul!

 Hello there!
  This is my first ever haul video and I am excited about it! I debated on putting on Sew Crazy About Crafting -- the blog-- or not but in the end I decided I would.  I know I have been doing a lot more video's than blog post but I'm trying to keep up with both I love my blog I will keep up with both as best as I can.

But! I have exciting news!!  ( Well, exciting for me at least!) Next week --hopefully if things go as planed-- I will be starting my Halloween tutorials!!!!!! Woooooooooooo! I'm so excited. If you don't already know Halloween is one of my favorite time's of the year.

I don't necessarily hate summer I just ..... I just don't like that it's so hot. You're probably thinking "well that's stupid it's summer, it's going to be hot, DUH!"  I just don't handle the heat well. Not saying I get sick or whatever from it, it's just really hard for me to get cooled off once I get hot. I can warm up in the winter just fine ( as long as the heat is not blowing right in my face lol) and be a nice medium warm. If that makes sense?.... I don't know .

ANYWAY! FAAAAAALLLL  need's to come faster!.... Like now. Right now... come on...

No? Okay.... :(

Well, here is the video. Hope you like it! Remember to Thumb's up AND Subscribe if you Want to see more!! If you can't see the video below click here or search for Sew Crazy About Crafting on You Tube! Enjoy!

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, September 15, 2014

DIY: Genie's Lamp From Disney's Aladdin (Part 3)

Hello all!! This is my final video in my 3 part Disney series. While I'm sad my first ever series is over I'm very happy this video is done and out of the editing process. Everything imaginable  happened that could happen when editing a video.I had to go through the editing process 7 --YES 7--  times. I would get started on my video and then about half way through it would lock up, shut down, exit out completely, or  just pain not work right! Plus more!

Anyway, I chose to do this in my last installment because with the recent death of one of my favorite actors (Robin Williams) it was really hard for me to sit down and make this after that. You might think it's silly but it really shocked me when it happened. It was hard for me to go back and find the Aladdin music from the movie to put with this. ( If you are still heart broken too just mute it please :) )

 I'll move on to the actual video now. I forgot to put in what kind of gold clay I used which was, Sculpey III Gold  You don't have to put all the triangles like I did, I just wanted to get it as close to the movie as I could. Obviously, I skipped out on the triangles on the bottom.... I got frustrated okay. DON'T JUDGE ME!

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I hope you enjoyed this!
Have a wonderful day!
P.s. I will be linking up to most of these  Link Parties. I also was not compensated for this post or any of my Disney series post. It was just a lot of fun! (Update 9/17/2014: I had to remove the music I originally put on my video. Sorry if there is only one song. I don't understand how to add more through their music remover thing on You Tube.)


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