Wednesday, May 13, 2015

♥DIY♥ Hello kitty Key Chain

Hi there! So this is another DIY. This time I made a key chain for my best friend. She is just in LOVE with Hello Kitty. And who can blame her, Hello Kitty it just so CUTE!

I made her one previously and it was eh, okay I suppose not good, But meh. Yeah you get my point. So I knew I needed to remake it. And it was perfect timing with her coming back to town and all.

I don't have the DIY in Pictures but I have a video instead. But I do have so pictures of the after.

I used Sculpy Souffle Igloo for Hello Kitty's face. Then a regular Sculpy for the bow(red,can't remeber the names) and nose (yellow , again can't remember). Then Sculpy Souffle black (can't remember the special name for it) for the eyes, whiskers, and the edge of the bow.

I loved how it turned out.It's so soft. I like it a lot.

So here are some pictures and the video just below!.

Not a whole lot of pictures I know but that's okay. I'm super proud of this project and I hoped that she liked it as well.

If you are having trouble viewing the video  below check out my You Tube Channel and watch it from there, or search Sew Crazy About Crafting on You Tube. And then watch my other video's while you are there!

I hope you like this. I hope to be able to get more project up on my Blog and You Tube Channel but to be honest I've just been  BLAH lately. Just been one of those months for me where it's like " nope  I'm just not gonna do it. It's not happening...." But yeah, I hope that all turns around soon 'cause I really do like and miss making things.

I hope you  have a wonderful day!

I will be posting to most of the link parties!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Emma's Birthday Doll

Hello all!

For Emma's Birthday I made  her a stuffed doll. I though she would really love it. I even took her with me to pick out the fat quarter for the dress part. 
Since I was sick for the last god knows how long after our really nice vacation to Florida. I did not feel like taking five million pictures and doing the tutorial and that on how I made the doll. So I just recently took some after pictures of it and with Emma with it.
I think it's adorable. It is already starting to look a little warn and that because it already had to go through the wash. In hindsight,I should of gotten all the lint off before I took the pictures. Oh, well, at least Emma likes it!

I just realized something, I didn't take any pictures of the back of it. Hmmmm, Oh well. just imagine what it looks like lol


hmmm, I could straightened out he bows too....Oh well

 Of course it wouldn't be and Ashleigh project with out a few flaws.

Stitches popped after I got her all put together.

 She such a little ham!

 Oh look the back of it's head.... Well you can see that at least lol. 

So that's it. I also for to mention that i drew out the pattern my self ( let me know if you guys would like a  free printable for this. I'll see what I can do. If  you do ) and it's a combination of machine sewing and hand sewing. It was a lot of, of, well it was some work I'll say that. when it cames to being really close to being done I was super excited.

 I hope you like this. I know Emma does. Hopefully soon I'll get back on the tutorial band wagon. I have ideas. I just got to work on them!

As always,

Have a wonderful day!


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