Monday, March 24, 2014

This to that Three!!!

Now that I'm enjoying turning old clothes into brand new clothes I'm just going to be making  more of these this to that post. Which I'm very excited about. YAY!  :)

The first shirt I'm showing is a shirt I made a while back. I never wore it cause I don't like my back or my arms.  So, it just sat there and sat there and sat there. Then I got the idea about the beginning of winter to take one of my cardigans sweaters and chop off the back and use the polka dot part on that. It took me forever to get around to it so, literally,  2 week before spring  I finished it. :) hahaha Well, at least its done! I can at least still wear it here for a couple of more weeks/days. It's still been off and on cold here.
 The cardigan I got as a Christmas gift from my parents. (Thank you! And Sorry I cut up your gift! lol :) )
And that's all I have to say about that one. I like it just fine before. I just wanted to try something new.

Yeah really not much to show. Simple but cute I think. :)

Oh What to do you think of my new blog lay out?
I'm still fixing it here and there, but so far I like it. As the previous post states " Excuse the mess".

Have a Wonderful Day!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Excuse the mess

Please excuse the look of my site for a time being I'mm trying to work out a new lay out and a new post at the same time!

Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, February 27, 2014


 This is My first ever Free!!!! Printable! Just in time for St. Paddy's Day! Hope You like it. I'm Still new to all this! 

This is an 8x11 Picture but you can cut it down to size for you're Picture frame!


Monday, February 24, 2014

My take on the Izzy top

Yep, like the title says, this is my take on the Izzy top By Climbing the willow. (Fabulous blog you should check it out!)  I found this a while back but was unable to print the FREE (YES FREE!) pattern she made. After finally remembering(duh!) my grandmother had a printer I ask if I could use it to print off a couple of free patterns to try out.  Luckly she said yes! 

So, this my first ever PDF patten ever and so far my favorite! Might even be my "go to" pattern ,if you will.  She gave really good instructions and the pattern also comes in sizes 18 months -5 and  6-12 in girls! I can make Emma tons of these as she grows!  I'm so glad I found this! Plus, I love free! But you already knew that. 

The material I used I got on sale at Hobby Lobby. I believe it was 2 weeks before Valentine's day and the hearts were the very few choices I had left. I had another one pick out, It was little tiny red hearts on a white back ground, then I saw this and decided that I needed to step out of my comfort zone on material choice and pick up something different for me. Not saying this is bad or ugly. Because clearly its not. I just normally would of gone for the other because it was closest to looking like polka dots. ( I really need to do something about that HAHAHA) But if you look close at it, it's got a sort of chevron pattern with the hearts. 

Also,this is not my only post to come I have some catching up to do on the things I made for Lex's class for Valentines day and the heart garland and a cheap decorating thing I found. But those stories are for another time. 

 On to the Show!
 First things first glue or tape your pattern together. I chose glue. I also chose to trace the pattern on another piece of paper so I didn't ruin this one 'cause I'm not able to just print it of if I need it,right now. And not wasting paper and that is good for the environment. Win win. :-)
 The Back! The pants I made as well. They ARE my go to pattern for making her leggings I use this method here. (instead of pajama's I used her leggings)
 On Emma!

 I lined the top with the heart material.

  And a heart tab. Unfortunately I didn't have any red buttons
And then the pants I made by them self. Super simple and fun!

 Well I love this out fit I hope you do to! Let me know what you think. But I will say this I might make the chest area, next time, a little smaller. Because Emma is so tiny so that's the only thing that looked big on her. Other then that I LOVE this pattern! 

Have a wonderful day!!

(I was in no way compensated for this post. I just love this pattern and need to share!)



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