Thursday, August 18, 2016

Aimee's Bag

Hello all! I'm back with another craft I've been working on. Called the Aimee Bag! Recently my sister-in-law (Aimee) and her family came to town to visit. We had a blast! We spent the majority of  our week in water. We went to the Lake and to this awesome spot that we called the Cool Pool. The water was freezing, which was nice since it was in the 90's all week, plus the water was clear as glass. Absolutely gorgeous!  If it didn't have fish in it would it  of been just  perfect there.  ( I Hate fish.... like to the MAX...)

So, anyway as I was saying, my Sister-in-law came to visit and I told her I would make her a bag like my Cat bag I had made to take to our trip to Cali. She loved that bag and asked if I could make her one. I said sure and she told me all the details on  colors and ever thing that she wanted.

Well shortly after getting back from Cali in April. I went to Hobby Lobby and got the material to make it. But as usual I got in a crafting slump and pretty much didn't craft except a little here and there until the week before they came.

I drew up and cut out all the pattern pieces of the bag and was getting ready to so sew when I realized I didn't have all the  items to complete the bag. I had the wrong color of zipper. Which was my fault. I kept changing my mind on material and forgot to change zippers as well. Then I also forgot that I was out of my bag pulls ... or... umm I can't remember what they are called but its the little plastic piece you get the adjust the size of the straps. That's what I forgot. And I was out of metal loops. So I had to wait a bit before I could go back to Hobby Lobby to get the items I needed.

That turned out to be the day before they arrived. All week long that they were here I would work on it little by little.  About an hour in the morning and a couple hours at night before bed. Until Thursday night Friday morning. I was DETERMINED to finish it before they left. I stayed up until 2 in the morning finishing it. It was a pain the ass.  I ran out of black thread and had to use purple then blue because I ran out of the purple.....and I struggled just to get my brain to remember what and how I was supposed to sew the lining. But I conquered it and got it done!

The only bad thing about taking pictures at 2 in the morning is that you just want to get a picture and get it done. You don't stage it or make it pretty, Nothing. Get a photo and go " that's good enough" turn off your machine and collapse on your bed. In result of this I also didn't take a picture of her with it on. Which was dumb.

It was all worth it in the end. When we saw her the next day and I handed her the bag Her whole face lit up! It was a nice feeling to see some one enjoy  all the hard work that I put into it.

The only thing I wish could change was the shoulder strap lengths. I accidentally made them to big. which sucks because everything else turned out perfect!

Now that I've talked your ear off, ON TO THE SHOW!!

This is the only  picture I have of the pattern I cut out so I stole it from my own Instagram. hahaha

 I was super proud of this side pocket!

See the blue where I ran out of black thread! HAHAHAHA.

What else I love about this bag is that it reminds me of BeetleJuice! Anyone else see that?

Well that's pretty Much it I have one more thing to show next week of a pallet board sign I made  before I made this bag! I really love  it and if you follow me on Instagram then you probably already seen it. But that's okay I need to post here more HAHAHA

Have  a wonderful day!

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