Wednesday, July 2, 2014

How to make Play Makeup!

Well today I have a simple little tutorial on how to make play makeup for kids! I'm sure there's ton but its simple and Emma loved it so I had to share! Also, I made a video tutorial which you can check out here! It's on YouTube!

What you'll need:
  • Nail polish
  • Old makeup pallets ( one that you no longer use)
  • something to clean it out with ( I used a butter knife)
  • damp cloth
  • grocery bag ( or you could just clean it out over the trash can :) )
  • even surface to let it dry

 First things first, clean out the old makeup completely.

  After it all out take your damp cloth and wipe out the remaining makeup. If ou have trouble just run it under the water a bit. But make sure you dry it out completely!
 I didn't show this part in my video I made, but if you're able to snap off the top so it will sit evenly to dry and its easier if its not in the way while you're pouring the nail polish in. :)
But make sure you don't break it off. Mine were able to be taken off and put right back on.

Pour the nail polish in. It doesn't take much.  Just as long as the bottom is covered. The more you out in the longer you're dry time will be.

Now let dry for over night or a minimum of 12 hours. I let mine dry over night cause I did this late in the day.  Remember to let it dry on a even surface.

After that it's time to play!

She so cute!

I will be linking up to most of these link partys here.

Hope you enjoyed!

Have a wonderful day!

P.s Here is my video if you don't want to click on the link above. :) Don't forget to watch in HD!


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