Monday, April 21, 2014

Let's play catch up

Today is my catch up day on all the projects that I've worked on but haven't had the time to sit down and  make out a whole post devoted to them. So, this is a mash up of stuff all the way back in January..... No let make that December.  I forgot about my Christmas wreath I made. I did edit and uploaded the picture's of them but never got to make that that post. Hmmm, Oh well.



 The thing that I loved about this project was  it cost $6!  It was also fun to make!

  The thing that I didn't know about snow on a plastic wreath is that it never truly dries. Meaning if you touch it WILL come off.... Maybe it's like that on all thing's. I've never used it before. I don't know.
Anyway, it was soooo pretty before I decorated it.

In the end I still liked it!


 If you Saw this post ( my first ever this to that) then you'll recognize the  material there from my first trip to Joann's. I don't remember the exact day I made this ( some time last year) but I know I didn't get photo's of it until  January  because I took them with my pretty new camera.

 Love this ribbon! I picked up at Micheal's a while back in the $1 section. Not even thinking about my sewing machine cover at all. I picked up the last two they had, when I got home I noticed they were different colors. One orange, one yellow. I thought  oh well  I still really like them. Then  when I finally set down to make my cover I noticed the orange matched perfectly with my material! I was very excited!


 Even though I started this in January   I didn't finish it until  the week of Valentine's Day.  Every heart I made  I hand stitched together.Yep no glue....... I worked on it off an on for quite some time. FYI I hate hand sewing. It might show a little. I tried to make it pretty and even, but that didn't always happen. When I found myself getting frustrated with it, I put it away until I could go back and finish it. I really liked it once it was all said and done.

 Of course she just HAD to play with it :D

 What do you think? 

 Well some how it didn't stay up long and ended up falling over and over. I eventually gave up fixing it. lol :D

 Here's my cheap decor HAHAHA :D
$3.50! YAY!
  I love the heart ones. Sadly they wouldn't stay up. .... I don't get why I can't hang anything properly in my house..... Anyway I found a new home for them and they have, so far, stayed put.

She thought they were toys :D
 So did  Lex he kept using them for target practice with his Nerf gun. -.- 

 So for Lex's  Valentine's Day party I made his whole class  pom pom monsters. You might of seen them floating around the blogisphere  around Valentine's day. Well I thought it would be an simple, but fun, Valentine for every one. BOY! Was I wrong. It took  up until the night before his party to finish. That's because I wasn't able to work on them a whole lot. I didn't want them to have super short hair. I wanted it  long and unruly looking.So, I cut them little long then had to fluff each and every one. That is what took the longest.
I was so happy when  eye day came!

  ALL 21 CAN SEE!!!

 And finally the name tags! 

 I love how they turned out but next time I will definitely make  LESS of them.


I found this tutorial  on Flipboard. But it's from
I goofed on it a little but I still love it! I use it to carry my make-up around.

I really got  back in to working with polymer clay. (Not exactly sure when. That's why it says March/ April). I sat down and intended to see if I could whip up some buttons.  And well.... Just take a look what I made instead :D

Right after I took this out of the oven her tail broke :(. Then later on Emma broke the other piece off. Oh well She like's it

Then Aunt Liz visited and we sat down and made some clay things together. I made a miniature Ariel and gave it to Liz. 'Cause she is a Disney Fanatic!  Like me, she Loves Ariel! Who wouldn't?

Liz made everything else from here down. :D

Awesome work :D

Well, that's it for now I just got my first ever PDF pattern done and the pictures taken for the tutorial. I just need to edit them! Unfortunately, it's only one size but I'm sure some pretty crafty people out there can size it up. ;) Or just use it as is.  But Hey it's free! And I'm learning still :)

Have a wonderful day!


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