Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy Very Late New year!

And Christmas. Sorry I've been busy. I haven't even had time to change the layout. But I'm going to work on that today!

But right now I'm going to post some pic from Christmas for our Family to see.

Warning: there are a LOT

He was Having trouble remembering who was on the puzzle box. ( It was the Avengers)

He decided Emma Needed help opening presents.

Santa (me) made this Bow to go on the Chair Santa (Beecee) got him.

 He again thought she needed help and wasn't doing it fast enough

 After we got done opening gifts at our house we went to my parents and did it all over again. hahaha. My family just goes crazy at Christmas. 

It snowed Christmas Day here.  So we went out the night we got home and played in it before it got trampled the next day.

We Had her in lots of layers. hahaha she had like three sets of fuzzy Pj's on.

One of the Shirts A.M got from beecee He absolutely loved.

Hope you enjoyed and as always


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